Saturday, March 21, 2009

"Our Little Lucky Charm" Turns Three

Sometimes it's hard to remember just how hard it was to get Ashlynn here, but every year on St. Patrick's Day(her birthday), I am reminded just how "Lucky" we are to have her. This year Ashlynn turned three & we had a Little Mermaid Birthday Party to Celebrate at her request. Thanks to all who helped make it such a special day- you know who you are & what you did:) The kids had a blast making their own Crab Party Hats, Fishing with Flounder, and playing "Pin the Tail fin on Ariel". We all enjoyed a Sea themed lunch with Grammi's wonderful clam chowder and tuna sandwiches. To top it all off, I made (OK...with a little help from my Mother) a giant Mermaid cake. It was a lot of fun, and I can honestly say that all the hard work was worth it just to see her excitement. Check out the cool pics from the Party posted in the slide show below.

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  1. Looks like it was a very fun party. I am sorry that we missed it. But I am super excited to be visiting in a couple of weeks! I love you all!